Just what the
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Doctor Detail is a premier Mobile Car Detailing Tulsa​ service provider. Our company can handle all your detailing needs, from interior detailing to ceramic coatings. Our team of passionate, hardworking, and professional Mobile Car Detailing Tulsa technicians strives to produce our clients with the best results and experience possible.

We Operate Off Of 3 Main Principles:


We are not your average detailing company. Just like your medical doctor, we take our patients seriously. Our staff is professionally trained on the latest detailing techniques and technology as well as using only the highest-grade equipment and detailing chemicals on the market to make sure we are truly taking care of your vehicle.


Auto Detailing is a luxury service that should be simple and easy for you to book as well as effortless for you to enjoy. Our mobile detailing services are built with your convenience in mind and to ensure we can offer the everyday person a way to have their car cleaned on-site, no matter the location. Our detailing process is seamless, just call or book online in less than 5 minutes, and we handle the rest!


One of the reasons for starting Doctor Detail was to provide a professional and convenient luxury Tulsa mobile detailing experience for our clientele. Time and time again the biggest complaints we heard about detailing in Tulsa was “Our last detailing guy never showed up….They didnt do a good job.. I was unsatisfied with the results, etc. etc.” At Doctor Detail, you can depend on us to get the job done correctly and not leave you in stitches. Our team members are sharper than a scalpel and will provide a satisfaction guaranteed detailing experience. 

Our Patient Services

Are you looking a way to keep your car detailed without having to worry about coordinating a ride, dropping off, and picking up your vehicle? At Doctor Detail we offer many different mobile detailing services that are the perfect way to keep your car looking its best, without having to leave your home or office. 

We offer a wide range of detailing services, including:

INTERIOR detailing

EXTERIOR detailing











What Makes Us Different
Than Other Detail Companies?

100% Mobile 

Our Detailing Doctors come to you and make the detailing process effortless. We are ablel to service your vehicle at your residence, workplace, apartment, at a family member or friend’s residence or anywhere in between.

CarFax Reporting

Did you know that having your vehicle detailed by us increases its resale value? Aside from having a professionally detailed vehicle we will also upload all of our services to your CarFax Report which provides a list of document of maintenance records to hep maintain your vehicle’s resale value in the future.

Limited Water Runoff

We use steam and ecofriendly products to detail both the interior and exterior of your vehicle, and therefore save about 115 gallons of water when compared to a traditional car wash (3 bathtubs full)! In addition to helping the environment, our proprietary process also naturally sanitizes your vehicle with 300+ degree steam as well as limiting the amount of chemical we use on both the interior and exterior of your vehicle making the process safer and more natural!

Straightforward Simple Services

Our packages are simply the interior, exterior, or both which eliminate room for error with “partial packages’ and to provide you with a supreme level of quality service. 

Keep Your Vehicle
CLean & healthy 

We understand that life can sometimes get too busy and we are here to provide you with convenient and quality service. We know that you value your vehicle as an investment. With our detailing solutions, we will help not only maximize the value of that investment but maintain it in the best condition possible and well as maintain its value. The best part of our Mobile Car Detailing Tulsa company here at Doctor Detail is that we will have professional detailing technicians drive to your location and perform the detail on-site at your preferred location, whether at your home, office, workplace, or even while you are on vacation and away from your residence.

We Offer Mobile Detailing with membership options .

Doctor Rates

Doctor Rates

The Wellness Check


Total Therapy


VIP Patient


No Contract

No Contract

No Contract

5% Discount On
Exterior Detailing Services

10% Discount On
Exterior Detailing Services

15% Discount On
Exterior Detailing Services

5% Discount On
Interior Detailing Services

5% Discount On
Interior Detailing Services

10% Discount On
Interior Detailing Services

5% Discount on
Ceramic Coating Services

10% Off Add-On Services

20% Off Add On Services

30% Off Add On Services

Text Support During
Business Hours

Text Support During
Business Hours

24/7 Text Support

10% Off Detailing Products

20% Off Detailing Products

FREE First Aid
Detailing Supply Kit

CarFax Reporting
On Services

CarFax Reporting
On Services

CarFax Reporting
On Services

Priority Booking

Exclusive Priority Booking

Exclusive Priority
& Weekend Booking

FREE Vehicle
Health Checks

FREE Vehicle
Health Checks

FREE exterior wash
on your Birthday
(1 vehicle per year per membership)!

Our Process:

 What separates us here at Doctor Detail is we take a revolutionized approach to the detailing industry to overdeliver on every aspect of the job for our clients. We take our job seriously and understand that when you call or book an appointment with us online, our staff will take care of your vehicle like it is our own and walk with you to offer the best service, every step of the way.

The Consultation

Similar to going to your normal doctor, we offer professional consultation for our Tulsa mobile detailing services either over the phone or in person when you book an appointment online. Our certified M.D. (Master Detailers) here at Doctor Detail will do a pre-inspection to address your main problem areas and offer the correct solution to meet your needs and budget. We need to know your car’s symptoms and what to look for so we can diagnose the problem correctly. Whether your vehicle needs a full makeover such as heavy stain removal or headlight restoration, or simply a routine check-up or maintenance detail, we have the Mobile Car Detailing Tulsa solution for you!

The Operation

At Doctor Detail, we offer a hassle-free, convenient, and satisfaction-guaranteed detailing “operation” procedure. We believe in over-delivery and over-communication with our clients to serve you at the highest level. This begins with an appointment confirmation to ensure you are notified of your mobile detailing appointment. Furthermore, our detailing doctors will send you a text message once they are on the way to your location and will always arrive on time. We value your time and will always show up ready to get the job done! Once we arrive on site we will alert you upon arrival and then undergo our routine Mobile Car Detailing Tulsa pre-inspection and consultation to understand your needs and main concerns to address those during the detail. We will update you throughout the process so you know how long your detailing procedure will take and notify you once the detail is complete as well. Upon completion, we always do a final walkthrough with all of our clients to make sure we have addressed all your needs and delivered the results we promised. 

Postoperative Care

Our post-op care begins right after your detailing procedure. Our Detailing Doctors will do a post-operation consultation to ensure we service your vehicle to the highest level. The type of post-op care your vehicle needs will depend on what kind of “surgery” your vehicle has undergone. This can be done with our maintenance and membership plans and we recommend getting on post-op care immediately after your first detail with us. Our professionals will also answer any questions you have in regards to taking care of your vehicle after your detail as well as provide you with a first aid kit to help keep your vehicle as clean as can be.

See What People Are saying

“Excellent job and very friendly staff. I would certainly recommend them to eveyone who wants to keep their car clean.”
– Valerie Copin

“Great people Great work ethic Great service Want a good detail?”

– Dave Escavarian

“He made the interior of my car look brand new, I couldn’t be happier!”
– Devin Haney

This detail was a gift to me. After easy scheduling online, Vic came out and did a great detail job on my car. My car looks amazing. I would definitely recommend.
– Sammy Huskerdu

 Doctor Detail Offers The Highest Quality Tulsa Mobile Detailing Services

Do you want a mobile car detailing Tulsa service that you can be confident in?

At Doctor Detail Mobile Detailing we  operate on three main principles to truly enhance your detailing experience. The first is quality. We always ensure that the quality of the detail that we provide to you is going to be second to none. We have the highest level of commitment to excellence. The caliber of attention to detail is exceptional.

Our team members provide you with a car detailing service that specifically caters to what you are looking for and what your vehicle needs. We ensure that your satisfaction level is always met. Quality is at the forefront of everything that we do. We can assure you that the products that we to detail are the highest level of quality and at the peak of the industry standard. 

There simply is no better Tulsa mobile car detailing service than Doctor Detail Mobile Detailing. We are going to be able to offer you a detailed car that you will enjoy. The second focal point that we emphasize is convenience. One of the major benefits of mobile detailing is the convenience factor. There simply is no more convenient option for getting your car detailed then a professional mobile detail. With in shop detailing, you often have to schedule a time to drop off and pick up the vehicle, arrange a ride to and from the shop,  or spend many hours waiting for your vehicle to be done. With a mobile detail we are able to come to your place of business or residence do all of our services on site at your location.

The third main point that we operate on for a mobile car detailing Tulsa service is dependability. Have you ever had a technician not show up to an appointment, arrive late, or constantly reschedules on you?

At Doctor Detail Mobile Detailing, we will never reschedule your appointment (weather permitting). Our technicians always show up on time and in a professional manner. The technicians are going to be in uniform, are nice and professional, and the attention to detail is far superior than any of our competitors. We know that it is important to hire a company that you can trust to do the job correctly. That is why we emphasize dependability with every service that we offer. 

 What sets us apart from other Tulsa car detailing service providers is that we are a 100% Tulsa mobile detailing service. We also do Car-fax reporting on all of the services that we offer to you. We also use eco-friendly friendly and we always ensure that we use limited water runoff with our mobile services. We are always straightforward and transparent with the pricing of the services that we offer to you as we believe this is the correct way to go about doing business. 

When you are wanting to schedule your next Tulsa mobile detailing service call us at 918-221-5454 or you can also book online on our website

If you are looking to schedule a mobile car detailing in Tulsa service then give our team at Doctor Detail Mobile Detailing a call today. We work hard to always provide you with a satisfactory experience. We go the extra mile to show that every service we offer you is going to be to the highest quality. Your car will be left looking spotless.

Are you looking for the highest quality mobile car detailing in Tulsa service for your car? We use techniques and innovative methods that are going to enhance the shine, look, and feel of your vehicle. Your car will be looking spotless. This is the most experienced car detailing service that you will find for mobile detailing. Our team has years of industry experience and practice.

We want to offer you a 100% satisfactory mobile car detailing Tulsa Experience. As someone who has utilized car detailing services in the past, we know exactly what the customer is looking for. We have optimized all services with the customer in mind, and we will always go to great lengths to assure you that your satisfaction is met with every detail that we offer. There simply is no better detailing service in the Tulsa area other than Doctor Detail Mobile Detailing.  

Whenever you would like to schedule your next appointment you can visit our website DoctorDetailTulsa.com, or you can also call our team of amazing professionals at 918-221-5454. We would be glad to help answer any questions about the detailing process or packages/services that will work best for you. 

The Mobile Car Detailing Tulsa Care Your Car Deserves

Tulsa, OK