At Doctor Detail we offer various mobile car detailing Tulsa options to make your car clean and shine. Our professional detailing technicians use innovative techniques and professional-grade detailing products when we hand wash your vehicle. Our hand wash approach will reduce and minimize scratching and swirl marks of your vehicle’s paint unlike taking your car to the local automatic car wash or having it “cleaned” with dirty tools, towels, and cheap chemicals. 

When it comes to exterior detailing we offer many different services to enhance the functionality and appearance of your vehicle. These services include wash & wax, clay bar treatment, paint sealant, paint polishing, paint correction, headlight restoration, trim restoration, glass coatings, ceramic coatings, and more. 

The Benefits Of Using A Professional Exterior Mobile Car Detailing Tulsa Provider

Enhanced Appearance – Who doesn’t love the look of a freshly washed, shiny car? Have your car look shiny and clean all the time. At Doctor Detail, the exterior of the car we service will look its best. Not only will your car look better, but it will also help to increase and maintain its resale value. 

Clean Hard-to-Reach Areas – Our exterior details clean the hard-to-reach areas. These areas include the creases around your trim as well as any emblems and graphics. We also clean and detail places you may not realize or overlook such as the door jambs, fuel door, and gas cap. Finally, we thoroughly detail the lower bumpers and rocker panels where road debris, tar, and grime often stick like glue. 

Remove Embedded Dirt, Grime, & Contaminates – When your car is not properly or regularly maintained, there can be embedded contamination, road grime, bird droppings, or dirt that can damage, mar, or stain the clear-coated exterior surfaces of your vehicle. When we professionally detail your vehicle we use professional-grade detailing chemicals that will not only remove contaminants in the paint but also protect your vehicle’s painted and clear-coated surfaces in the future. 

Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint – When it comes to paint protection there are many different forms. We offer three levels of protection ranging from short-term, medium-term, and long-term mobile car detailing Tulsa protection at Doctor Detail. For short-term protection, we use a spray wax with our wash and wax exterior detail that provides anywhere from one to three months of protection for the paint of your vehicle. When it comes to our higher level exterior detail, that includes a paint sealant that is longer lasting and provides much more protection.

Paint sealants are much more durable than wax which needs to be applied every month or every few months. Finally, for the longest and most durable protection, we highly recommend a ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings are typically more expensive than waxes or sealants, but they last much, much longer. They can protect your car’s paint for more than five years, depending on the type of coating you choose and how it is maintained.

Our Exterior Detailing Process & Technique

The steps involved in an exterior detail will vary depending on your desired detail package and mobile car detailing Tulsa services, although typically includes the following:

Exterior Wash

When we perform an exterior detail, we first perform a professional hand wash. Depending on which package you choose and the services being done, we will either use a purifying car shampoo or a rinse-less wash. The purifying car shampoo will remove and strip the surfaces of any waxes or sealants. The rinse-less wash is a technique that is just as effective as using a car shampoo but is more environmentally friendly while providing the same level of cleanliness. 

We clean all of the exterior surfaces of the vehicle and begin with cleaning the wheels and tires. We use specialized wheel and tire cleaners as well as different brushes for each aspect of what we are cleaning. We use a variety of wheel woolies, tire and wheel brushes, as well as detailing brushes to clean every aspect of the whitewalls, rims, wheel wells, and tires. 

Next, we move to the body of the vehicle, starting at the roof and working out way down. We use high-quality wash mitts and sponges to prevent scratches and swirls on the paintwork. 

Decontamination & Clay Treatment

After the initial wash process, we need to decontaminate the exterior surfaces of the vehicle. This involves two different decontamination processes. The two types of decontamination are mechanical decontamination and chemical decontamination. 

We first provide a mechanical decontamination clay bar treatment. This involves using a clay mitt or clay bar to pull out embedded contaminants from the clear-coated surfaces. For iron contamination and industrial fallout, we use chemical decontamination with an iron remover that will remove embedded contamination that a clay treatment cannot remove. 

The decontamination process of a vehicle results in a smoother and cleaner surface that also allows for whichever type of protection you choose to bond and crosslink stronger with the vehicle’s clear coat. 

Paint Enhancement and Correction

If you are needing scratches and swirls removed from your vehicle, our mobile car detailing Tulsa team offers paint corrections and enhancement services. There are different levels of correction that will remove different types of imperfections from the paintwork. See the different types of paint correction and polishing services we provide to maximize the appearance of your vehicle. 

Sealing & Protecting

Finally, after the exterior of the vehicle is cleaned we use a wax or paint sealant to provide protection to the car’s finish and induce a shine and glow on the paintwork. For longer-term and the most durable protection, we can apply a 1-5 year industrial professional grade ceramic coating. 

Furthermore, we provide additional exterior detailing services such as trim restoration, headlight restoration, glass coatings, and ceramic coatings. 

Contact Us For Professional Exterior Detailing Services

With our consultative approach, we guarantee you will love how your vehicle looks as we will advise you on what services and packages will be the best fit for your needs and goals. Our mission is to elevate your car life and that begins with a professionally detailed vehicle that will garner attention and retain its value for years to come. If you are unsure of which packages or services will work best for your specific vehicle or needs, our team is ready to answer your questions by calling us at 918-221-5454 now.