At Doctor Detail, our mobile car detailing Tulsa goal is to make your car look its best. Over time, environmental factors as well as human factors can cause your vehicle’s paint to become faded, oxidized, swirled, or scratched. With our paint correction and paint enhancement services, we can correct these imperfections in the appearance of your vehicle and make it shine and luster just as when you first saw it rolling off the showroom floor.

What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is the labor-intensive process of removing swirls, scratches, and imperfections in the top layer of a vehicle’s finish. When paint correction is performed properly by one of our professionals at Doctor Detail, the paint’s color, depth, metallic/pearl, and overall gloss are drastically improved. Paint correction permanently removes defects from the paint’s surface as well as enhances gloss and the overall appearance. 

Many many interchange the term ‘paint correction’ with ‘polishing’ or ‘buffing.’ 

Although a machine buffer or polisher is used in the paint correction process, polishing and or buffing and paint correction are technically not exactly the same. 

What Can Paint Correction Fix?

Depending on the level of paint correction that you would like on your vehicle, our different packages can fix:

  • Swirl marks
  • Paint hazing
  • Marring 
  • Wash scratches
  • Light scratches
  • Scuffs
  • Light sanding marks
  • Water spots
  • Bird poop and bug gut etching 

During the paint correction process, the blemishes, scratches, and imperfections in the paint are slowly removed until they are at the same level as the lowest point of the imperfection which removes the surface damage.

Paint correction is not a complete remedy for all imperfections on your car’s exterior painted and clear-coated surfaces. Here are things a paint correction service can NOT fix:

  • Peeling clear coat
  • Clear coat failure
  • Improper paint job
  • Heavy oxidation
  • Extremely deep scratches (if your fingernail catches on the scratch that means it has gone through the clear coat)
  • Or other blemishes and defects that have completely compromised the clear-coated surface of your vehicle’s paint system. 

It does not matter whether you have a brand-new Lamborghini or a Honda Civic, we can enhance its appearance and make it shine. Even if your car is brand new, a paint enhancement can make the paint ‘pop’ and look better than when you first bought it!

At Doctor Detail, we offer different levels of paint correction and enhancement options depending on the needs of the car as well as the needs of the client. These packages must be combined with an exterior detail or full detail service and are not standalone services. 

The Luster Luxe (Paint Enhancement)

Our paint enhancement is recommended for new or lightly used vehicles and can remove 25-35% of minimal paint defects while adding a layer of protection at the same time. 

With this service, we are able to remove small swirls and scratches, light water spots, and any remaining haze in the paint’s finish. The goal is to remove the defects and leave your vehicle with a deep, clear shine. This is for both new and used vehicles that have minor imperfections or if you are just concerned with wanting the paint to shine. 

There is a misconception that wax makes the paint pop and shine. This is not the case. Wax will leave a short-term layer of protection over the paint. A paint enhancement is a service that will make your car’s finish glow and glimmer while removing minimal defects at the same time. With our paint enhancements, we remove minor defects as well as install a temporary layer of protection called a paint sealant. A paint sealant, which is longer lasting and more durable than a traditional wax will also be applied for protection. If you are looking for a higher level of protection that lasts longer and is even more durable than a paint sealant while providing a superb level of gloss, see our ceramic coatings. 

Reflection Renewal (Single Stage Paint Correction)

This mobile car detailing Tulsa package emphasizes restoring and enhancing the paint’s reflective properties for a stunning finish while also removing many of the defects. A big transformation can be made in the appearance as well as the condition of your vehicle’s paint. Our single-stage paint correction can remove anywhere from 40-65% of paint defects. 

mobile car detailing Tulsa-paint detail

Swirl-Surgery (Multi-Stage Paint Correction)

Our multi-stage paint correction will remove anywhere from 65-85% of the scratches and swirls on your vehicle’s finish resulting in refined gloss and clarity. It will remove all but the deepest and heaviest of defects. The process begins with a heavy compounding step with abrasives as well as a secondary polishing step and sealant application.

 As there are many different paint types and paint systems, the rate for our Swirl Surgery can vary. The paint type, color, and condition as well as your desired outcome will dictate the final price. 

The Doctor Detail Mobile Car Detailing Tulsa Difference

Our MDs are proficient in all of the different compounds, polishes, and modern-day techniques that are needed to perform a proper paint correction or enhancement. 

We first measure the reading of your paint system to determine which defects can be safely removed as there is only a minimal amount of clear coat on your vehicle’s exterior. Then we prepare the exterior with a professional exterior detail, iron decontamination, and clay bar treatment to remove any dirt, debris, and contamination that can be in the paint system.

Finally, we begin the paint corrections or enhancements to make your car shine like never before. Be sure to call us at 918-221-5454 to book an appointment today! If you are unsure of which specific paint correction or enhancement package will work best for you, our team members are ready to answer any mobile car detailing Tulsa questions you have!