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Plastic Trim Restoration

If your plastic trim looks faded or oxidized, our mobile car detailing Tulsa services will make it look brand new again!

No matter what color your plastic trim is, we can revive it and make it look new again!

Our trim restoration service restores the original color and finishes to ensure it looks as good as it can be. Let’s give your car that brand new OEM appearance once again!

Tired of Old, Faded, Plastic Trim? You need Trim Restoration!

Plastic trim is an important part of your car’s exterior. Not only does it help protect the underlying metal or other important components, it gives your vehicle a finished look.

Due to environmental factors, plastic trim can become faded and discolored over time.

Plastic trim restoration is the process of restoring the original look and condition of your plastic trim.

We are experts at this service here at Doctor Detail when we perform out mobile car detailing Tulsa services.


Why Should You Restore Your Faded plastic trim?


Our mobile car detailing tulsa trim restoration benefits:

  • Improved Appearance – Oxidized and faded trim can cause your vehicle to look older, outdated, and uncared for. When we restore your faded plastic trim and give it a brand new appearance, we give your vehicle a new lease on life!
  • Higher Resale Value – Who doesn’t enjoy a better looking vehicle? Our Tulsa mobile detailing trim restoration services will give your vehicle a higher resale value, making it maintain and hold its value for years to come.
  • Save Money! – Did you know you will save an average of $500 by getting a trim restoration as opposed to having new trim pieces installed? Our trim restoration is a much more economical alternative than replacing the entire housing and parts of your vehicle!

    Why Have Us give your plastic trim a facelift?

    We use a unique process to restore the clarity of your faded trim.

    When we undergo the trim restoration service on your vehicle, we are not just applying a dressing that will be removed the next time your car is washed, or a dye that will fade over time, we use a semi-permanent solution.

    Our trim restoration mobile car detailing Tulsa service truly restores faded plastics, no matter the color.

    We use a specialized restoration product that not only enhances the appearance but also provides protection and lasts twelve to twenty-four months.

    If you would like your trim restoration to be protected further and prevent future discoloration and oxidation, we can also ceramic coat your plastic trim as well!

    Your car will thank you for making its appearance look that much better with our professional trim restoration services. 

    Want A New Car Without The Price Tag?

    Our trim restoration services make the exterior of your vehicle look brand new, without having to buy a brand new vehicle!

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