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Ceramic Coatings

At Doctor Detail, we help the people of Tulsa and beyond keep their vehicles looking flawless and freshly detailed all year long with our ceramic coating Tulsa services. How would you like your vehicle to stay looking its best all year long with incredible gloss and shine, all while having a protective layer of protection? We offer a wide range of ceramic coating options to ensure that we can provide your vehicle with proper protection no matter your budget. Doctor Detail is an accredited and approved professional ceramic coating installer. We have ceramic coating options ranging from one to three years as well as coatings to help protect the faces of your rims, the glass surfaces of your vehicle, and the interior surfaces of your vehicle as well. 

What Exactly Is A Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating is a semi-permanent form of industrial-grade chemical polymer protection that can be applied to the vehicle’s exterior to form a layer of protection.
The best and easiest way to think of a ceramic coating Tulsa is to compare it to traditional wax. When it comes to protecting your vehicle, there are three different types of levels of protection.

check out our levels of protection?

First, we have your traditional waxes. This can be applied in the form of a hand-applied or machine-applied paste wax or a spray wax. This is what we use for our entry-level exterior or full-detail packages. A traditional wax will typically last two weeks to two months depending on a multitude of factors and conditions.

Next, is a paint sealant. This is used for our higher-level detailing packages. A premium and professional-grade paint sealant is both longer lasting and more durable than wax. A paint sealant will provide a higher level of protection while offering slickness and gloss. A professional paint sealant will typically last three to six months.

Finally, for the ultimate form of exterior protection, we provide ceramic coatings. Professional Ceramic coating Tulsa help protect against bird droppings, weather erosion, industrial fallout, tree sap, and UV and sun protection.

Imagine never having to wax your vehicle again!

With a ceramic coating Tulsa service, your vehicle will have a candy like shell and is the ultimate form of gloss, slickness, and ease of maintenance for your car. Ceramic coatings are hand-applied and crosslink with the painted surface of your vehicle creating an additional layer of hydrophobic protection.We also have ceramic coatings to protect the glass and interior leather, vinyl, and plastic surfaces of your vehicle.

When you decide to choose Doctor Detail Mobile Detailing for your ceramic coating needs, we go over two to three steps to ensure that your coating will bond and last at a minimum for the described time period. With proper maintenance, we have seen our coatings last eight to twelve months longer than their intended duration.

Step 1 – Complete Exterior Detailing & Decontamination

Alexander Grand Bell said it best when he said, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” The key to ensuring that your ceramic coating will do its job successfully and last for its intended period (it can last longer than its advertised duration with proper maintenance) is in making sure that that the surfaces being coated have proper and professional ceramic coating preparation. This involves a full exterior detail as well as a full decontamination process. 

We first begin by handwashing every exterior surface of your vehicle with a professional grade purifying high quality ph balanced car shampoo. When doing so, we remove any dirt, grime, road tar and road film, bug guts, and brake dust from the exterior surfaces of your vehicle while ensuring that every nook and cranny is cleaned top to bottom. 

Next, we do two different types of decontamination to the exterior of your vehicle to ensure that the surfaces being coated are as clean as can be. We do a both a mechanical as well as a chemical decontamination process. We will decontaminate the exterior from all types of environmental and industrial fallout, rail and brake dust, as well as contamination that cannot be seen by the naked eye. We need to make sure that your clear coat is truly contamination free and smooth as glass so that the ceramic coating will crosslink and properly bond and cure.

Finally we carefully hand dry your vehicle with our detailing drying towels as well as blow out any cracks or crevices before moving onto the next step. 

Step 2 – Paint Correction or Paint Enhancement (Optional Step)

We recommend but do not require a paint correction or enhancement prior to applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle. We offer different levels of paint correction depending on your desired outcome.

Step 3 – Professional Ceramic Coating Tulsa Application

Depending on the durability type of coating you choose, the application time can vary, but all steps remain the same. We carefully hand apply the coating of your choice one panel at a time. We can apply our coatings to just the painted surfaces, the rim faces, glass windows, mirrors, or windshields, and also the interior surfaces as well. We carefully level the coating and ensure that it fully flashes, bonds, and crosslinks to the clear coat and vehicle’s paintwork (or other surfaces if desired). Finally, we allow it to cure and allow you to enjoy your car life with enhanced wase of maintenance and protection then after!

Our Professional Ceramic Coating Tulsa Process:

There are an array of benefits to having a  professional grade ceramic coating applied to your vehicle by a trained and approved installer:

Enhanced Protection

Ceramic coatings provide an enhanced durable and protective layer on your vehicle’s paint, rims, glass, or interior surfaces. These coatings shield the surfaces from environmental contaminants, UV rays, oxidation, chemical exposure and stains. This helps prevent damage to those surfaces which include fading, discoloration, and corrosion on the exterior and interior of your vehicle.

Long-lasting Durability and Ease of Maintenance

High-quality industrial grade ceramic coatings are designed to last for an extended period of time. At Doctor Detail, we offer ceramic coatings that last one to three years. Our premium ceramic coatings offer a superior resistance to normal wear and tear compared to the traditional wax or paint sealant products on the market. Furthermore, washing and maintaining your vehicle is a breeze as the coated surfaces will be hydrophobic that will prevent dirt and contamination to adhere. Your vehicle maintenance will require much less effort and you will use fewer cleaning products.

Hydrophobic Properties

All of our ceramic coatings create a hydrophobic surface after being applied to your vehicle. What this means is that water and other liquids will bead up and roll off the surface. This ensures that your vehicle will stay cleaner for longer. Furthermore, when it comes to washing, it will make cleaning your car a breeze. The reason behind this is that the dirt, road debris, or other types of contaminants will have a much harder time bonding to the cured ceramic coated surfaces of your car.

Enhanced Gloss, Appearance, and Aesthetic Appeal

After the coating has completely cured, your car will have an extreme  glossy finish. This effect will make the paint ‘pop’ as well as appear more vibrant and gleaming.

Chemical Resistance, UV Protection, & Heat Resistance

Ceramic coatings offer an enhanced layer of protection that will truly help protect against chemical contamination, UV exposure, environmental pollutants, road salts, bird droppings, tree sap, and other harsh substances that you can encounter while driving on modern roads. When you have a ceramic coating applied, you will be maintaining the original appearance of the treated surface and guard against many of the world’s modern elements while your vehicle is exposed to the elements.

Scratch Resistance

Alothogh ceramic coatings are not scratch proof, they do offer an added layer of protection on the exterior of your vehicle. This can hep guard against light scratches and minor swirl marks which will reduce the chance of slight surface level damage.

Increased Resale Value

When you have a ceramic coating professionally applied to your vehicle it will help to not only preserve and enhance its appearance and condition but can also potentially increase its resale value when it comes time for you to upgrade your vehicle.



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