Bixby Mobile Detailing

Bixby Mobile Detailing

If you are in need of a Bixby Mobile detailing service then you should schedule your next appointment with doctor detail! At doctor detail we offer high quality and dependable mobile detailing services. We bring the detailing to you, and offer unparalleled convenience. Whether you are looking to maintain your car’s detailed appearance, or if you are looking for a restorative detailing service we can offer you everything you’re needing! We are confident you will love our detailing service, and we always prioritize the customer service experience in every detail.

If you are wanting a comprehensive Bixby Mobile detailing service we have what you’re looking for! A thorough detail is essential to improving the longevity of your vehicle and also helps preserve the value of your vehicle. Value preservation is one of the best aspects of a detailing service. Whether you are looking to just increase the appearance of your vehicle or if you are seeking to maximize the resale value of your car a detailing service is going to be perfect for you. We report all of the services we provide to you on carfax as well. This is a huge element to maintaining your car’s value as a future owner will love that you have taken the time and effort to keep the car well protected and looking great.

We offer the widest range of products and services of any Bixby Mobile detailing company. We have access to a wide range of products that will allow us to achieve any detailed look you prefer. If you are wanting a certain finish or added layer of protection on the interior and exterior surfaces of your car we have products that can do this for you. We also offer interior coatings for your seats, and glass coatings for your windows to leave them protected longer. We have ceramic coatings as well for the exterior of your vehicle. These coatings will also help with future detailing services as your car will have a hydrophobic protection to allow for easier cleaning.

We want to help restore and maintain your vehicle’s appearance. We can make your car stand out in a car show or impress a new client of yours. Even if you are just looking to impress your friends or have your car cleaned for a special occasion, we have packages and services tailored to you. We will ensure all the cracks and crevices of your vehicle look outstanding. We have special adaptations as well that can help remove any pet hair or unwanted debris that is trapped in your carpet.

Give us a try for your next service and see why we have earned the reputation as Tulsa’s top mobile detailing service. If you would like to contact us you can reach us at 918-221-5454 or you can also visit our website We take pride in offering high quality

details, and we would love to earn your business. Don’t just use anyone for your next detailing service, choose a service that you can trust to be professional, and one that takes pride in offering an unmatched customer experience!

 Mobile Detailing In Bixby, Ok

Are you looking for an interior or exterior Bixby mobile detailing service? Whether you are in need of an interior, exterior, or restoration services we have packages and add ons that fit any service maintenance details that will keep your car looking great for an unbeatable value. We offer headlight restoration, trim restoration, engine bay cleaning, and many other add-ons that will help improve not only the appearance of your vehicle, but also give you an improved safety and performance boost. It is important that you keep up with routine detailing services to ensure your car is protected from harmful UV rays, or harsh environmental factors.

For interior Bixby mobile detailing services we have two packages you can choose from. We have our “check up” service and also our “Interior Therapy” service. Our check up package is intended as more of a maintenance detail. This is a great option if you are wanting a basic interior service that will get your car looking better than before! If you are someone who often gets detailing services this is also a great option for you as it is a bit of a cheaper price point, but will still include everything you are wanting in an interior detail. It will help maintain the detailed appearance of your vehicle in between your more comprehensive detailing services. This service is a phenomenal value for your vehicle, and will help ensure all of the interior surfaces stay protected and clean on a more routine basis. Our Interior Therapy service is going to be a very thorough and comprehensive detailing service. We will properly restore, deep clean, and protect every section on the interior of your vehicle to provide you with a detailing service that is second to none.

For our exterior Bixby mobile detailing services we have a few options for you as well. We have our “Doctors orders” package and then our upgraded exterior service “Concierge cleanse” for a premium exterior detailing. We can help you impress your peers by enhancing your car’s exterior surfaces. Our Doctors order service will ensure all of your wheel wells, rims, and tires are properly cleaned and protected with a nice finish. We will also apply a bug treatment on the areas of your vehicle that are frequently exposed to bugs when driving. We will also dress all

exterior plastic and trim around your vehicle. We will finish off the exterior with a high quality paint protectant to give you an added layer of protection for a longer lasting detailed appearance. On our concierge cleanse service we will elevate the exterior surfaces of your vehicle with a bead maker paint protectant which is an industry leading product that will protect your car’s clear coat from harmful UV rays. We will also be sure to utilize a clay treatment that will remove any harmful contaminants from your vehicle’s exterior.

No matter what level of detail you are seeking or if there is a specific finish you prefer we have products that will be able to accommodate you. We always go the extra mile to tailor our services to you, and we are very diligent about ensuring every part of your vehicle is detailed to the highest extent possible. We have a satisfaction guarantee on all of our services, and we will do quality control inspections throughout the service to make good on this promise. We will always do a consultation period at the beginning of the service to see what areas need the most focus, and we will always follow up the service with a final walk through to ensure the detail is always up to your satisfaction level. We will touch up any areas that you may notice need extra attention and diligence and we will won’t leave the job site until you are fully content with the job we have done.

You will see our passion for providing you with a high quality detailing service. We take exceptional pride in our work, and we strive to offer you a detailing experience that is the best in the industry. Give us a call for your next detailing service at 918-221-5454 or you can also view many of the other add-on services we can offer to you on our website at We have transparent pricing, and a user-friendly online booking process if you prefer to schedule online. Find the package that works best for you, and we will bring the convenience to your doorstep!you may need. We can offer full details that will be an in depth restoration of your car, and also

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