Tesla Detailing

Tesla Detailing

If you are looking for a company that can offer Tesla Detailing then Dr. Detail is the right option for you. Tesla’s have risen in popularity the last few years, and that has led to an increase in the demand for high quality Tesla details. Tesla has an innovative and sleek design aesthetic, but there are many challenges that come with detailing a Tesla.

To maintain the high end appearance of a Tesla the detail process goes far behind a traditional wash and wax. Tesla’s have a more sensitive paint finish then most vehicles on the road today. Oftentimes Tesla’s also have certain trim modifications that are important to pay close attention to. Tesla’s also tend to have higher gloss interior surfaces that can show fingerprints, and amplify other imperfections much more than a traditional vehicle. Because of these many unique challenges it is important that you choose a professional detailer who knows what they are doing.

Dr. Detail has experienced and knowledgeable technicians who know how to properly achieve a high class Tesla Detailing service. Understanding Tesla’s sensitive paint is a very important part of a proper detailing experience. Tesla’s are known for the level of depth and shine that their paint finish entails. However, this unique paint finish makes them vulnerable and sensitive to harsh chemicals and abrasive techniques or methods. It is important that your car detailer is aware of these subtle changes, and to ensure they take extra care and precaution to prevent any damage.

During the service we make sure to be very diligent to provide you with a detailing experience that is second to none. Another important aspect to Tesla Detailing is certain modifications that the owner may opt for when purchasing the vehicle. Oftentimes Tesla owners will remove any chrome trim around the vehicle, and instead replace these areas with a black trim accent modification.

Tesla Detailing

 It is important to recognize this during the detailing process so that these areas are properly cleaned and protected. We can clean and protect these areas with special products and tools to guarantee that they remain blemish and damage free. Tesla interiors also tend to show fingerprints and smudges more than a traditional vehicle would. Understanding this is important to ensuring proper cleaning of the interior of the vehicle.

Tesla interiors require a high level of skill, and utilization of the proper products to obtain a smudge free finish. We pay close attention to these high gloss interiors and will leave them streak free. For the exterior of the vehicle we will hand wash the vehicle using special brushes and drying mitts to prevent any damage or scratches to the paint. We also stock a special shampoo that will ensure proper cleaning, maintenance, and protection of the exterior surfaces.

If you are wanting an added layer of protection to your Tesla we also offer ceramic coatings which will provide a longer lasting protection that will enhance the shine of the vehicle. These coatings will also help provide the exterior with a hydrophobic texture that will allow for easier cleaning of the vehicle for future services. Detailing a tesla is a skill that requires diligence and precision to ensure the job is done correctly. You also want to choose a detailer who understands the nature of a Tesla to ensure a professional and damage free service is provided.

Give our team a call the next tim you are in need of a service at 918-221-5454. You can also visit our website to see how we can better serve you at DoctorDetailTulsa.com. We would love to earn your business, and are confident you will see the quality difference shine through with our work. We take great pride in providing professional car detailing services, and you can trust us to always over deliver with our details.

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